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What Are Thread Lock Adhesives and How Do You Apply It?

While searching for the right fasteners, you may come across the phrase "thread lock adhesive" (also known as thread locking adhesive or thread locker). Knowing the many methods to lessen the likelihood of fastener failure is vital because of the costs and dangers involved. Using thread lock adhesive is a very effective method.


Thread lock adhesives are essentially a variety of resins that are applied to the surface of fasteners to prevent them from becoming loose. The resins chemically adhere to the threads of the fasteners, becoming solid when exposed and filling all the microscopic grooves in the material, so entirely sealing the fastener to the item to which it is attached. This sealing procedure makes it exceedingly difficult to release the fastener and offers superior protection against corrosion.


The adhesives should be applied throughout the whole length of the fasteners for optimal results. In an ideal situation, they should only be applied to the locations where the threads will come into contact with the material being secured, since they are required there.

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