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The How To Of Selecting Rivets

It is critical to pick suitable rivets for your project in order for them to function as intended. When comparing different types of rivets, consider the following: size, corrosion resistance, and material.

Step 1:

Select a rivet made of the same material as the items you are fastening. For instance, if you are fastening two steel plates together, you will want to use a steel rivet. If possible, locate a rivet made of the same alloy.

Step 2:

Select the appropriate length for your rivet. A rivet's length is determined by the underside of the head to the tip of the stem. This measurement does not include the head. The rivet's length should be equal to the thickness of the two items being fastened, plus 1.5 times the diameter of the rivet's stem.

Step 3:

Compare blind rivets with solid rivets. The most common type of rivet is the solid rivet, which requires two persons to install. One installer is stationed on one side of the objects, while the other is stationed on the opposing side. When just one side of an object is accessible, a blind rivet may be used instead.

Step 4:

Corrosion resistance should be evaluated. If the rivet will be exposed to moisture or chemicals, utilise a rust- and corrosion-resistant material. For example, stainless steel.

Step 5:

Consider the rivet's diameter. Rivets must be precisely aligned with the hole in which they are being installed. A rivet that is too large will not fit properly, whereas a rivet that is too small will not fasten securely.

Step 6:

Consider the various head designs available. After installation, snap or pan heads protrude from the surface of an object installed. Countersunk heads will sit flat against the object's surface and should always be utilised when drag or wind resistance are a concern.

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