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Structural Fasteners and their Applications

Avlock Structural fasteners are used in a variety of applications. These high-strength fasteners designed to provide superior shear and tensile strength. Large blind-side expansion for structural applications provides vibration resistance and enhances joint integrity. Structural fasteners provide high clamp load and are used in heavy duty fastening application.

Structural fasteners are available in a range of types and may be utilised for a variety of structural applications. The majority of fasteners are constructed of alloy steel, carbon steel, or stainless steel. Structural fasteners are ideal for use in heavy-duty projects, such as manufacturing equipment, motors, and construction. They are often applied alongside other structural fasteners to metal beams and girders.

Structural fasteners should also be sturdy, rust-proof, and corrosion-free, and able to perform their function for an extended length of time. Using substandard structural fasteners not only compromises the structure's strength, but also puts lives at danger.

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