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Our Extensive Range of Breakstem® Fastener Products (Part 2)


Plastic rivets securely lock components in place and prevent pull-outs. Fastens plastic to plastic, metal, fibreglass and other materials.


Aluminum alloy breakstem fastener with a split tail formation providing a very large blind side bearing area against rear sheet.


One-piece, corrosion-resistant, aluminium alloy fastener, with water-resistant neoprene seal. Used for assembly of thin gauge sheet, board, plastics, composites and similar materials.


Avdel's versatile fastener with an extensive grip range provides considerable scope and flexibility for many assembly techniques. Ideal for applications where material thicknesses vary or production programmes are subject to change.


A solid rivet has a manufactured head on one end and a solid shank on the other end. Solid rivets are the strongest rivets used in fastened joints.


Multi-grip capability accommodates wide variations in material thickness. One fastener can be used to replace several standard grip fastener. Good hole fill provides strong, vibration resistant joints.

Avlock International is a leading manufacturer and distributor of specialised fastening systems to both the domestic market and other global destinations. For an obligation-free quote or demonstration, contact Avlock today.

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