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Key Features & Benefits of Multi-Grip Rivets

Multi-grip, aluminium alloy breakstem fasteners with a long and reliable track record, used in a wide range of applications and industries. 


  • Multigrip feature. It allows working with a great variety of grip ranges. With just two sizes a wide grip range of 1 to 16 mm. is covered, reducing thus the rivet inventory.

  • Single-side access.

  • Mandrel locking feature, avoiding electric problems or pounding.

  • Good hole fill. It allows to compensate uneven, misaligned, oversized or grooved drills.

  • Versatility. Just one size replaces the grip range of several standard items.

  • Wide bearing areaon the blind side, making it especially suitable to be used for applications with thin sheets and for repairing.

  • Excellent visual aspect on both sides.

  • Solid and high quality fastening, resistant to all kinds of vibrations.

  • It requires simple, fast and lightweight tools.

Avlock International is a leading manufacturer and distributor of specialised fastening systems to both the domestic market and other global destinations. For a no obligation quote and free demonstration, contact Avlock International today.

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