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Key Features & Benefits of Avtainer ® Fasteners

The Avdel Avtainer® fastener is a high strength steel fastener for joining composite materials to metal. With a high shear strength due to the internally locked stem the Avtainer rivet creates a vibration resistant joint whilst the under- head NeopreneTM seal creates a watertight joint. 


  • Prevents cracking and pull through of composite materials

  • Ideal for the assembly of GRP vehicle panels

  • High shear strength for strong joint integrity

  • Underhead SantopreneTM seal

  • Internally locked stem provides a secure, vibration resistant joint

  • Smaller shell size available for use against metal surfaces

  • Low profile head and shell give a neat appearance

Avlock International is a leading manufacturer and distributor of specialised fastening systems to both the domestic market and other global destinations. For a no obligation quote and free demonstration, contact Avlock International today.

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