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How And When to Use Washers Effectively

The use of washers is essential when working with fasteners. Many individuals, however, do not understand how to make effective use of them. Because of this, people often struggle to get the most out of their fasteners. Washers are sometimes so important to the assembly process that skipping them might drastically shorten the life of the final product. If you do not make use of them, you risk permanently damaging the product that you are assembling.


Washers have a wide variety of possible applications. One such instance is when a product is improperly fastened due to a loose bolt and nut combination. The washer may then be used to expand the gap between the nut and the products you are putting together. In turn, this increases your options for a secure fit throughout the assembly.

Also, washers may be used to make the fastening more watertight. For instance, a washer may be used to prevent leaking via the gap between the product and the fastener. However, this is only successful when a high-quality washer is used in the right manner.


Before you use washers to secure anything, you should check that they are the appropriate thickness. A lot relies on what you expect the washer to do. To ensure the assembly is as secure as possible, for instance, a thick washer might be used. Sometimes more than one is needed to get the job done.

There's a chance you will need to apply some grease to the washer, too. This not only facilitates the installation of the fastener but also lessens the possibility of corrosion. And if you want to use the washer to prevent leaks, greasing it up will also make it waterproof.

Obtaining the proper washer size measurement is also essential. If you use one that is too small or too large, you will probably be disappointed with the outcomes. For instance, if you are trying to cut down on leaks by using a bigger washer, the extra space between the fastener and the washer may actually cause greater leakage than before.

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