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When To Use Bolts vs. Screws

Are you preparing for your next project? You must consider the materials and fasteners necessary for the project. Bolts and screws are two typical possibilities. So, how do you decide when to use bolts versus screws? Consider these 3 factors:


The primary determinant of whether you employ screws or bolts is your project. Remember that bolts give a fantastic amount of gripping strength whereas screws provide an average level of holding strength. Screws are ideal for light to medium applications, whereas bolts are ideal for heavy-duty applications. Bolts are also superior when the final product is intended to be readily assembled and dismantled.


Regardless of whether you're working with sheet metal, wood, concrete, or drywall for any DIY project, you should consider the difference between bolts and screws.

Typical materials requiring screws: Pressboard, plywood, sheet metal, drywall, deck planks.

Typical materials that are best for bolt applications: Concrete, beams, studs.


Price is usually a consideration when budgeting for a project, particularly if a big quantity of fasteners is required. Utilizing the proper fastener can save you money in the long term, even if using bolts is initially more expensive. If you need to make repairs on the project because you chose the incorrect fastener for the material or application, you are not actually saving money by choosing the less expensive option.

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