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Things to Consider When Purchasing Multi-Grip Rivets

Precision is critical in a wide variety of industrial and construction processes. Occasionally, the needed accuracy varies across applications and even within a single application.

Multi-grip rivets may assist in meeting precision requirements from a fastening standpoint. These rivets are versatile in that their grip range may be adjusted based on the combined thickness of the two materials being fastened.

Multi-grip rivets offer other benefits, including:

  • Better hole fill: Multi-grip rivets expand radially to provide a superior fit, even in oversized, irregular, or misaligned holes.

  • Increased weather resistance: Due to the improved hole fill, moisture is less likely to infiltrate through the setting.

  • High vibration resistance: The enhanced hole fill also results in more vibration-resistant joints.

  • Aesthetic consistency: When several rivets are used in a limited area, the ensuing hodgepodge may detract from the aesthetic of the product, especially with consumer goods. Multi-grip rivets provide a uniform look.

Avlock International offers multi-grip rivets with a long and reliable track record, used in a wide range of applications and industries. For a no-obligation quote and free demonstration, contact Avlock International today.

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