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The Importance of Fasteners In The Mining Industry

All mining operations, whether they include the extraction of metals, minerals, liquids, or gases, need the use of large-diameter, high-strength fasteners. When there are delays or unexpected costs, it might cost the mining business money. In order to maintain mining equipment functioning, high-quality fasteners are required.

In the production of iron ore, coal, oil and gas, and power generation, mining supplies crucial raw resources that we need to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. Given the significance of this industry, it is essential that sites within it be supported by efficient infrastructure so that they can function for the maximum number of hours every day.

Businesses want a dependable partner in fastening goods to ensure that infrastructure is kept together and maintained for maximum efficiency.

Avlock International provides a diverse clientele in the mining sector. Avlock's high-strength, high-quality fasteners can meet even the most stringent standards for earth-moving equipment. We are familiar with the need of efficient material transportation in the mining and quarrying industries. As a manufacturer of fasteners, Avlock is able to meet your needs for bolts, nuts, and other fasteners in the quickest timeframe feasible.

Avlock International is a leading manufacturer and distributor of specialised fastening systems to both the domestic market and other global destinations. For an obligation-free quote or demonstration, contact Avlock today.

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Ricardo Pantoja
Ricardo Pantoja
Jan 16, 2023
As a specialist in critical equipment, I have visited many mining companies in Brazil with critical problems in ball mills, stackable reclaimers and pelletizing discs that are cracking their fasteners, due to not knowing good engineering practices, for example stretching and not torquing screws, and because of the high vibrations and salinity, they end up having problems with these assets, where we don't have high quality manufacturers.
Eng. Ricardo Pantoja - Pantoja Engineering & Consultant
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